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You Do Love Me Don’t You? A short archival film.

Our second assignment for my Photojournalism Projects class this semester was to create a video out of archival footage. I found a few different videos from the Prelinger Archive I liked, which centered around the themes of women and love. I started playing with manipulating the audio tracks to create a new narrative.

Then I searched through the Free Music Archive (the online, musical equivalent to a thrift store!) and found “The League of Mice,” by DeeZee. There was something about this track that reminded me of video-game music, and I thought it would work well with a weird, quasi-psychedelic video edit I envisioned. 


Southern Cheer

I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to photograph high school cheerleading last semester. I followed the Heritage High School cheerleading team in Wake Forest, North Carolina through their fall season of Friday night football games and weekend practices. 

While the focus at football games is always on the field, I hoped to highlight the action and athleticism that happens on the sidelines. Cheerleading is also an interesting lens to explore themes like femininity and coming of age. Through this sport, I wanted to explore what it means to be a high schooler in North Carolina today. 

I found the Heritage High School cheerleading team by looking up the North Carolina cheerleading states competition results for the past few years. Heritage has won a few times in recent years, so I found their coach’s contact information, and reached out. I hope to continue this project next year as well.

Here’s the full story with captions on my website.

From Boston to NC

Over the next few months, I’ll share some of my work that I’ve had the opportunity to do while studying at the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC-Chapel Hill. I’m in my second semester of a two-year journalism graduate program. Some things I share will be works-in-progress, and some of it will be finished. I hope to catalogue my creative process throughout the coming months.

To start, here’s a photo story I photographed this past fall. It was the first picture story I worked on in North Carolina. The project, called Raising Sophie, follows Montana Keller, who is the lead farmer at Sprout Farm in Graham, North Carolina. Montana is a single mom, and I followed her daily life as she balances raising her four-year-old daughter Sophie, while working a physically demanding, all-consuming job in agriculture. You can also view this story on my website with photo captions.

I photographed with Montana and Sophie over a two-week period in early September, 2019. Since I finished the project, I’ve become good friends with Montana and Ginny (who co-run Sprout Farm together). I feel really lucky to have met them. Sprout Farm is a women-owned, women-employed business. Learn more about them here!

Thanks for reading :) 

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